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General Draft Commentary Articles


NBA Draft Age Limit Still on Adam Silver's Mind
by DraftExpress

The NBA Draft Age Limit discussion is still "at the top" of Adam Silver's list of changes he'd like to implement, as he reiterated in a recent conversation with GQ's Chuck Klosterman.

USA Basketball Development Camp Measurements and Analysis
by Jonathan Givony

An analysis of what we learned this past weekend in Colorado Springs, from both the measurements and the play on the court.

New Batch of USA Basketball Measurements Released on DraftExpress
by DraftExpress

Measurements of 56 prospects who participated in the training camps of USA Basketball's U17 and U18 teams, have been released on DraftExpress.

Onward to the 2015 NBA Draft…
by DraftExpress

Thanks for following the 2014 NBA draft with us. It was a wild and unpredictable night. The process of evaluating the 2015 NBA draft has already started.

New DX Feature: Historical NBA Draft Pick Career Production Breakdown
by Blue Hlavac

New DX feature allows you to explore the historical career production outcomes of every pick in the draft. What were the best and worst picks at every draft slot? What is reasonable expected production based on the median outcome? Explore that and more.

NBA Draft Early-Entry Withdrawal Deadline: Final List
by DraftExpress

The complete list of NCAA and international players who withdrew their names from the 2014 NBA draft, as well as those who remain eligible.

L.A. Clippers Mini-Combine Recap and Analysis
by Mike Schmitz

44 NBA prospects from different backgrounds were brought into the Los Angeles Clippers Practice Facility in Playa Vista, California on Wednesday and Thursday to work out for all 30 NBA teams. This group workout, widely known as the Clippers “Mini-Combine,” was organized by the Brooklyn Nets, Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers, and featured measurements, agility testing, interview sessions and drill-work similar to the NBA Combine in Chicago.

Podcast: Breaking down the 2014 Draft with SB Nation's Paul Flannery
by DraftExpress

Now that the NBA Combine and the Draft Lottery are behind us, Jonathan Givony and Paul Flannery do a thorough breakdown of various topics surrounding the NBA Draft.

2014 Post-Lottery Interview Transcripts and Videos
by DraftExpress

Cleveland Cavaliers General Manager David Griffin and other NBA executives fielded questions after the final 2013 NBA draft order was determined.

Opportunity Knocks: How Situation Impacts Success, Part I
by Eric Weiss

The conclusion of the NBA Draft Combine marks the beginning of six week sprint to the draft itself. Over the past week, two important topics were outlined that help to illustrate just how pressure-filled this sprint can be for NBA teams. With the lottery coming up tonight, this is the perfect time to continue to conversation on this topic.

DraftExpress Extended 2014 Mock Draft #2
by DraftExpress

Our second detailed mock draft with pick-by-pick explanations using projected rosters and taking the individual needs of all 30 NBA teams into account, this time going 40 picks deep.

NBA Combine Athletic Testing Analysis
by Matt Kamalsky

The NBA released the athletic testing results from the 2014 NBA Combine in Chicago. We take a look at who stood out and who struggled on paper.

2014 NBA Draft Combine Measurements
by DraftExpress

Player measurements from the 2014 NBA Draft Combine have been added to our extensive measurements database.

The Gradual Erosion of the NBA Pre-Draft Process
by Jonathan Givony

The NBA league-office has tinkered for many years with the format of the NBA Combine (previously known as the NBA pre-draft camp) in an attempt to make it as useful as possible for NBA front offices in their decision making process. With a significant portion of the first round once again electing not to participate in any of the basketball activities this year, and the top three prospects electing to not even attend period, many will call for the NBA to go back to the drawing board to try and figure out a new format that makes this event as relevant as possible again for teams, prospects, media and the general public.

How would the 2014 NBA Draft Look Based Solely Off RSCI Rankings?
by Jonathan Givony

Going into college, we already have a decent picture of how the high school recruiting services (Scout.com, Rivals, ESPN, etc) viewed prospects' talent-level and potential thanks to the RSCI. The RSCI (recruiting service consensus index) attempts to encapsulate the average rankings of all the major high school recruiting services into one handy number.

Breaking Bad: The Thin Line Between “Busts” and “Steals”
by Eric Weiss

What can the personality profiles of 358 of the 420 players drafted from 2007 to 2013 teach us about the likelihood of someone developing into a bust or steal in the NBA?

P.J. Hairston Scouting Report and Video Breakdown
by Jonathan Givony, Mike Schmitz

P.J. Hairston was forced to play out this season in the D-League with the Texas Legends after being dismissed by North Carolina in December. He put up monstrous scoring numbers, but still has many question marks around him. Now that he's officially in the Draft as an automatically eligible player, we can take a step back and conduct an inventory of everything he displayed this season as an NBA prospect, as well as the things he still has to improve on.

2014 NBA Draft Early-Entry and Agent List
by DraftExpress

Who is entering? Who is returning? Who is still undecided? We break down all the prospects in the 2014 NBA draft, as well as who will be representing them, and where they are projected to get drafted.

Testing the NBA Draft Waters in 2014
by Jonathan Givony

There again appears to be quite a bit of confusion about the NBA's early-entry draft process among college players, college coaches, NBA personnel and media members, due to rule changes made by the NCAA in May of 2011 regarding collegiate eligibility.

P.J. Hairston Interview
by Blue Hlavac

P.J. Hairston discusses the route he took in getting to the D-League, his impressions of the league, his time at North Carolina, and his mindset in preparing for the upcoming NBA Draft.

The Best College Venues for NBA Teams to Scout Games
by Jonathan Givony

NBA scouts and executives spend an excessive amount of time on the road evaluating college and international prospects before the Draft every year. While statistics and video services (such as Synergy Sports Technology) have become a much bigger part of the scouting process over the past few years, most NBA front office members still feel compelled to watch prospects in person at least a couple of times each season.

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