Moussa Diagne
Full Profile | Player Stats
Height: 6' 10"
Weight: 218 lbs.
Birthday: 03/06/1994
21 Years Old
High School:
Current Team: Barcelona , International
Current: C,
Possible: C
Pick 28 of Round 2 in 2015 Mock Draft
Rank 100 in Top 100 Prospects
Rank 3 in International 1994
Quick Stats:
2.0 Pts, 2.0 Rebs, 0.0 Asts

Aleksandar Vezenkov
Full Profile | Player Stats
Height: 6' 9"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Birthday: 08/06/1995
20 Years Old
High School:
Current Team: Barcelona , International
Current: SF/PF,
Possible: SF/PF
Pick 7 of Round 2 in 2017 Mock Draft
Rank 5 in International 1995
Rank 65 in Top 100 Prospects
Quick Stats:
3.9 Pts, 2.1 Rebs, 0.5 Asts

Barcelona Clubhouse

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