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YearPickDrafted ByTraded toNameHeightWeightCollegeBirthdayCommentRSCI
20011.1Wizards Kwame Brown6'11243 1982-03-10 6
20011.2ClippersBullsTyson Chandler7'1235 1982-10-02Traded along with Brian Skinner to Chicago for Elton Brand.4
20011.3HawksGrizzliesPau Gasol7'0227 1980-07-06Traded along with Lorenzen Wright and Brevin Knight to Atlanta for Shareef Abdur-Rahim and the rights to Jamal Tinsley (#27).  
20011.4Bulls Eddy Curry6'11285 1982-12-05 1
20011.5Warriors Jason Richardson6'6220Michigan State1981-01-20 15
20011.6Grizzlies Shane Battier6'8220Duke1978-09-09  
20011.7NetsRocketsEddie Griffin6'10222Seton Hall1982-05-30Traded to New Jersey for the rights to Richard Jefferson (#13), Jason Collins (#18), and Brandon Armstrong (#23). 2
20011.8Cavaliers Sagana Diop7'0300 1982-01-30 8
20011.9Pistons Rodney White6'9238Charlotte1980-06-28 77
20011.10Celtics Joe Johnson6'7225Arkansas1981-07-29 26
20011.11Celtics Kedrick Brown6'7222Okaloosa-Walton CC1981-03-18From Denver as part of the Ron Mercer / Eric williams trade. 
20011.12Supersonics Vladimir Radmanovic6'9206 1980-11-19  
20011.13RocketsNetsRichard Jefferson6'7222Arizona1980-06-21Traded along with the rights to Jason Collins (#18) and Brandon Armstrong (#23) to New Jersey for the rights to Eddie Giffin (#7).33
20011.14Warriors Troy Murphy6'11245Notre Dame1980-05-02From Indiana as part of the Jeff Foster trade.46
20011.15Magic Steven Hunter7'0220DePaul1981-10-31 36
20011.16Hornets Kirk Haston6'9242Indiana1979-03-10  
20011.17Raptors Michael Bradley6'10225Villanova1979-04-18  
20011.18RocketsNetsJason Collins7'0260Stanford1978-12-02From New York via Phoenix (Luc Longley trade) via Orlando (Anfernee Hardaway trade) as part of the Steve Francis / Michael Dickerson three team trade. Traded along with the rights to Richard Jefferon (#13) and Brandron Armstrong (#23) to New Jersey for th 
20011.19Trailblazers Zachary Randolph6'9270Michigan State1981-07-16 1
20011.20CavaliersMagicBrendan Haywood7'0268North Carolina1979-11-11From Miami as part of the Shawn Kemp trade. Traded to Orlando for Michael Doleac. 
20011.21Celtics Joseph Forte6'4192North Carolina1981-05-23From Phoenix via Denver (Antonio McDyess trade) via Utah (first round pick swap) as part of the Dana Barros / Robert Pack trade.5
20011.22Magic Jeryl Sasser6'6200SMU1979-02-13From Dallas via Orlando (Courtney Alexander trade) as part of the first round pick trade. 
20011.23RocketsNetsBrandon Armstrong6'5185Pepperdine1980-06-16Traded along with the rights to Richard Jefferson (#13) and Jason Collins (#18) to New Jersey for the rights to Eddie Griffin (#7). 
20011.24Jazz Raul Lopez6'0161 4-15-1980  
20011.25Kings Gerald Wallace6'7215Alabama1982-07-23 4
20011.2676ers Samuel Dalembert6'11250Seton Hall1981-05-10 30
20011.27GrizzliesPacersJamaal Tinsley6'3195Iowa State1978-02-28From the Lakers via New York (Patrick Ewing four team trade) as part of the Othella Harrington trade. Traded along with Shareef Abdur-Rahim to Atlanta for Lorenzen Wright, Brevin Knight, and the rights to Pau Gasol (#3). Traded by Atlanta to Indiana for a 
20011.28Spurs Tony Parker6'2177 1982-05-17  
20012.1Bulls Trenton Hassell6'5200Austin Peay1979-03-04  
20012.2Warriors Gilbert Arenas6'3191Arizona1982-01-06 99
20012.3Magic Omar Cook6'1191St. John's1-28-1982From Washington as part of the Laron Profit trade.13
20012.4Grizzlies Will Solomon6'1185Clemson1978-07-20 124
20012.5HawksRocketsTerence Morris6'9221Maryland1979-01-11Traded to Houston for a future first round draft pick. 
20012.6Nets Brian Scalabrine6'9240USC1978-03-18  
20012.7Cavaliers Jeff Trepagnier6'4200USC1979-07-11  
20012.876ers Damone Brown6'8220Syracuse1979-06-28Bought from the Clippers. 
20012.9Pistons Mehmet Okur6'11249 1979-05-26  
20012.10Knicks Michael Wright6'7239Arizona1-7-1980From Boston via Seattle (Josip Sesar trade) as part of the Patrick Ewing four team deal.30
20012.11Supersonics Earl Watson6'1195UCLA1979-06-12From Denver via Boston (Eric William trades) as part of the Josip Sesar trade. 
20012.12Pacers Jamison Brewer6'4180Auburn1980-11-19 59
20012.13SupersonicsWizardsBobby Simmons6'7210DePaul1980-06-02From Orlando as part of the Dale Ellis, Corey Maggette / Horace Grant trade. Traded to Washington for Predrag Drobnjak.27
20012.14Knicks Eric Chenowith7'1271Kensas3-9-1979From Seattle as part of the Patrick Ewing four team trade. 
20012.15Mavericks Kyle Hill6'1188Eastern Illinois4-7-1979From Houston as part of the Dan Langhi / Eduardo Najera trade. 
20012.16Bulls Sean Lampley6'7227California1979-09-03From Charlotte as part of the Roberto Duanas trade. 
20012.17Timberwolves Loren Woods7'1245Arizona1978-06-21  
20012.18Nuggets Ousmane Cisse6'8252 10-20-1982From Toronto as part of the Keon Clark / Kevin Willis trade.5
20012.19Grizzlies Antonis Fotsis6'10219 1981-04-01From New York as part of the Othella Harrington trade. 
20012.20Heat Ken Johnson6'11240Ohio State1978-02-01  
20012.21Trailblazers Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje 7'0257Georgetown1978-05-20  
20012.22Suns Alton Ford6'9275Houston1981-05-29 16
20012.23Bucks Andre Hutson6'8241Michigan State1-12-1979  
20012.24Jazz Jarron Collins6'11255Stanford1978-12-02  
20012.25Mavericks Kenny Satterfield6'2186Cincinnati1981-04-12 14
20012.26Kings Maurice Jeffers6'4193St. Louis4-3-1979  
20012.27Spurs Robertas Javtokas6'10213 3-20-1980From the Lakers as part of the Corey Hightower trade.  
20012.2876ers Alvin Jones6'11265Georgia Tech1978-09-09  
20012.29Spurs Bryan Bracey6'7211Oregon8-5-1978  
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